First look on AR

I recently read about Sketchfab converting 400k models to USDZ format, and it looks like this resource is the largest distribution of files in this format. What is this format? It was created by Pixar and can be used in iPhone AR without additional software.

I was very interested in this and decided to ask a 3D designer, with whom I have worked on some of my projects, to realize Air Max 2090 sneakers in 3D space in Blender program to place this model on the customer’s website. It took 25 hours – most of it was the design. Implementation on the website – 30 minutes.

When I wrote this post, there were not yet popular such programs as RealityScan from Epic Games or PhotoCatch, with the help of which you can quickly and efficiently get a 3D model from photos.

You can try how this model looks like by following this link on your iPhone or iPad.


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